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Everything You Need to Know

How can you help me to automate my trading?

By utilizing my coding and analytical skills along with my trading experience, I can replicate any trading strategy into executable code that can be tested and optimized for any market and over any specified time frame or period. The software that I use to do this is called ProRealTime and it interfaces with one of the most reputable brokerages called IG Markets. And because of this integration with IG, I have access to historical and live market data for over 15,000 markets.

So in order to automate your trading, we would first need to get you setup with an IG International trading account. Once this is done we will enable the ProRealTime platform on your trading account, this will allow automated execution of your trading strategies. At this stage I will assist you step by step to import your coded strategies into the ProRealTime software. This process is relatively simple and would even allow you to view and modify the code yourself.


And unlike other trade automation software that relies on a VPN connection that constantly needs to be connected to the internet, ProRealTime runs completely in the cloud. This means that once your trading strategy is activated, it will run completely autonomously. And as an IG client you will enjoy access to their very intuitive trading app that will allow you to monitor the trades placed by your automated trading strategies in real time.


And if you are a South African resident I can even assist you to get a free R1000 sign-up bonus after making just 5 trades via IG's refer a friend bonus structure.

How can you help me to optimize or test my existing trading strategy and ideas?

The success of any trading strategy depends on being able to consistently execute your trading edge in the markets you trade. But the truth is without testing your edge on a large enough data set, you would never really know the validity of your edge. It is very often the case that we trade a strategy that seems to perform well for a time only to stop performing well after a couple of weeks or months. Or maybe your strategy only works on certain markets, effectively limiting the number of trades you can take. Or even worse you have read about a strategy and decide to try it without knowing if it is valid or any good.

By translating your trading strategy or ideas into executable code we can easily test it on any number of markets or under any number of conditions to see how well it perform. This will very quickly provide you with a window into your strategies strengths and weaknesses. The software that I use will provide you with a comprehensive report of win rate, draw down and profit potential for any given market.

By utilizing the advanced analytical and optimization tools available to me along with my own experience in trading I can help you to fine tune or further develop your trading strategies into the best possible fit for your trading, thus providing you with the confidence that your strategies indeed have the required edge to remain profitable.

Why should I opt to automate my trading?

As an existing trader you might have realized that trading is not easy. It is probably one of the hardest things to get right and be profitable over the long run. The reasons are simply that to be profitable in trading you need a definitive edge and be able to execute that edge consistently.

Unfortunately due to our human nature we are simply predisposed to fail in trading. No wonder more than 95% of traders remain unprofitable. The reasons for this is mostly because we either trade without a plan, don't have an edge, cut winning trades too quickly or let losing trades run too long.

And even with the discipline to do all of the above things right, having to trade manually still exposes you to a fair amount of emotional stress. Not to mention the time it requires to monitor and manage your trades.

By automating your trading, you are basically always checking all of the above boxes. Never again do emotion have to sabotage your trading. Let your edge play out and enjoy spending some time on the things you love.

How much will this cost?

I pride myself in keeping my services very affordable, and will hence provide you with a clear obligation free quotation that I can guarantee will fit your pocket. So please don't hesitate to contact me in order to discuss your requirements.

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